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IQS is proud to present a company that specializes in Quality and the Automotive Industry.  ISO/TS 16949 is our specialty. howard.jpg (17337 bytes) Howard Atkins, born in England and living in Israel since 1979, is the Israeli expert on Quality and the Automotive Industry.  He has specific knowledge of the plastics industry (Plastics Practical Engineer), electronics and metal industries.

 Howard has hands on experience as the Quality Manger of a leading Israeli Automotive Supplier and of building relationships with customers. He has traveled extensively abroad to further this goal and has proven abilities in improving relationships with OEM's and large Tier I companies. 

Howard is a qualified:

 IRCA  QMS 2008 Lead Auditor 

 IATF 3rd party auditor for ISO/TS 16949

ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 auditor

Howard has lived on Kibbutz Revivim  since 1981 after being one of the original members of Kibbutz  Retamim

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